Is buying a safe technique?

Yes, Buying of instagram followers is a totally safe and the strategy that we use does not break any rule in the instagram rule book.

What is your strategy?

We use a combination of innovative strategy and technology that brings your instagram profile in front of hundred thousands of people. Once your order is complete we stop marketing your account. Because of this formula we have been able to work with many big businesses.

What if you are not able to provide followers?

In this case we will refund back your 100% money. However not a single person has ever complained to us regarding the service we provide.

How can I contact you?

There is a live chat box and our operator will quickly solve all your problems. In case if the operator is not present you can contact us from the same box and we promise to reply you in less than 48 hours. Else you can also send your query from the contact us form.

I am a business and want to place custom order?

If you are a business then you can contact us with the number of followers you want.

How to place order?

We have a very simple order form which only requires you to fill your instagram profile, your name and email. With simplicity, security is also important and hence we use paypal for making the payments. After payment we will provide you with the results in less than a week. For business plans it make take more time.